straight vegetable oil conversion: Thirteen: keep up the communication

Monday, October 30, 2006


Thirteen: keep up the communication

I recieved an email today from Chris, with some questions. If anyone else has any answers , please inform us via the "comments" link below.

Hi Jo

Just been on your veg oil site. Really great. I am in
the process of converting my HJ45 Troopy. I'm at the
stage of getting a second tank and had a few questions
about yours. Did you use a proper automotive fuel
filler cap and fuel pick up line? If so, where did you
source them? And how did you fit the tank(what kind of


Hi Chris...
Because it is only vege oil which will be in the second tank, you dont need to have a proper cap or fuel line... just something that fits! It's a good question that you ask, but my tank has not progressed since the last photos, so what am I using, NOTHING YET!!!
The brackets I thought would just be flat steel strap ( secondhand probably) which I will drill holes in the end and then bolt into the frame of Mr.Bruce somehow. The existing fueltank brackets of my car rusted out afew months ago, resulting in the fueltank dragging under my car until no more fuel got to my engine and we stopped (obviously). I just tied it up with rope ( bush mechanics, out on a dirt track in the middle of nowhere) and when i got home just wired it up with fencing wire. Hey it looks dodgy but it works fine so I have not even fixed those brackets properly! I put it in for rego last month and my mechanic looked at my wire-up job and laughed but passed it anyway!
I have been given an old fuel tank from some diesel car which I might end up using anyway, seeing as it has the fuel filler part already built in.
Let us know how u r going! Jo
Hey Jojo,
just started Ruby's conversion (finally). Today I replumbed the stock fuel system. Removed the rigid metal lines b/t the inline priming pump and the filter (its an older version filter than yours, twin paper elements inside steel housing, not a spin on), bought some banjo bolt fittings and some fuel hose and basically rerouted the lines so they go through the filter - priming pump - injection pump (rather than priming pump - filter - injection pump).
Will test this tomorrow and in the coming week on Stradbroke Island.
Then when I put the second WVO line in will route the stock fuel line from the filter through to a 3 port valve then into the priming pump - injection pump.
Second tank will just be a 20L water drum to start with, going through a 30 plate heat exchanger then a CAV filter and through to the 3 port valve. Will connect the valve to a switch in the console somewhere and bobs yr uncle mate, at least I hope so.
Hope your going well,
praccus xx
Good On you Praccus!!!
woohoo! can you email me some photos to put up on this site?

PS Regarding my message to Chris, I now have lovely new brackets holding up my fueltank as the rego dudes shook their heads the wrong way this time 'round. Thanks to TOM for making them!!
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