straight vegetable oil conversion: Seven: Find your parts!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Seven: Find your parts!

Well I am slowly moving here. Tom has just had an exhibition of his art so he has been a bit busy and left me with the homework of fininding the parts we need...
We have all the hoses and joiners located, but the rest where oh where can they be?
So hello universe, where do I start looking for the 3 or 6 port solenoid?
where is the fully awesone fuel filter? What about some kind of thermoswitch which will switch the fuel to the oil tank when it is hot enough? A Tank guage so I know when to refill?
Please click the comments link below if you have any ideas!

1. Your new tank looks great. I would suggest that in future, you put the copper outside the tank, in that way, any coolant leakage cannot get into the fuel. (expensive problems)
2. You can get the 6 port motorised Pollak valve from [b]Brown & Watson International[/b], by contacting Prices are around $70 plus freight within Australia.
3. I can recommend using a Hose in Hose, with 2 MPa Nylon air hose inside automotive heater hose, using brass compression fittings, Tees and hose barbs. I have a diagram if you wish to make one of these up.
4. Electric heating of the oil will take a lot of power from the engine. Coolant heat is free from this loading.

I presume that your conversion will be a 2 tank conversion using a "start/purge" tank and a "run" tank for the vegoil.
Are you planning on having a return to tank for both source tanks?
There is a potential for vegoil to enter the start/purge tank at changeover when using a 6 port valve. Depending on vehicle usage patterns, this may or may not cause starting problems in cold weather.
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Very cool. There are a group of people here in the States who run their Diesel Mercedes on vegetable oil.
thanks for letting me know about that you have any web link or even email address for them? I'd love to build up a collection of knowledge-heads...
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