straight vegetable oil conversion: July 2005

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Seven: Find your parts!

Well I am slowly moving here. Tom has just had an exhibition of his art so he has been a bit busy and left me with the homework of fininding the parts we need...
We have all the hoses and joiners located, but the rest where oh where can they be?
So hello universe, where do I start looking for the 3 or 6 port solenoid?
where is the fully awesone fuel filter? What about some kind of thermoswitch which will switch the fuel to the oil tank when it is hot enough? A Tank guage so I know when to refill?
Please click the comments link below if you have any ideas!

Monday, July 18, 2005


Sixth: Check your bits

Never had much trouble with Mr.Bruce Handbag, the handsome Landcruiser, but he does tend to run a bit hot.. temperature gauge rising with the hills etc. So I figured before I went and made modifications to the radiator line and based the running of my fuel system on the abilities of my radiator, I had better get it checked out.

I went to Natrad, radiator specialists who will test your radiator for free. The guy took one look and shook his head. He showed me the cooling baffle things which you can see are mostly gone or gunked up or damaged. He said I should get another radiator.

Here is the spiffy new radiator, which ended up costing me $755, which was more than expected because they needed to replace the hoses, thermostat and water pump. They showed me all the old bits which had indeed shot through... just goes to show what a great car Bruce is.. that he trundles along with old radiator and no complaints!

You can see the difference in the baffles on the new radiator, and the difference when driving is amazing! The next day I drove from Newcastle to Katoomba (3.5hr trip) and we sat on cool pretty much the whole way and went faster too! To see how beautiful the bluemountains are check out the walk we went on at Leigh's Blogsite

The new radiator was all a bit of an expense but I think it is worth it. My mechanic said that Bruce Handbag will run forever so I figure a few good investments here and there are only going to be beneficial in the long run!

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