straight vegetable oil conversion: Eight: wallow in frustration

Friday, November 11, 2005


Eight: wallow in frustration

I wonder how many other vege oil conversions have got to this point and then ended up with half made parts collecting dust in the shed?
The vege conversion has gone no where since the last post except for afew cofees with Tom where we talk about it.
My problems are...
1. I have no skills or tools to make and install the bits.
2. I don't really understand how it will go together.
It's a block I come across alot in life.. sometimes I wish I was born a boy and/or my father had not died when I was so young, so that I could aquire these skills.

Dear blogreader, do you have any suggestion for me?

Well, it is possible to get a sex change female to male you know...

Here's a couple of links I've kept on how to DIY straight vege oil conversions:

1. Converting a Mercedes Diesel to Run Vegetable Oil or Used Cooking Oil

2. Veg My Ride

Come on Joe! I'm counting on you to pull this off so you can teach me how to do it next year.

How about putting an add in the paper for some big mucho fella to give you a hand?
Sydney SVO users forum. A good place to find Mucho blokes sniffing the flowers:
Keep going Jo, I'm almost ready to start mine. I'm thinking about buying a crappy old Peugeot 504 GLD to do it with. $900. If I can get 10,000kms on the Hume out of it, I'll be laughing.
Alright Jo,

Very soon you are going to be playing catch up if you don't keep working on Mr. Bruce Handbag. Not only did I get my 505 Peugeot back from the dead, I also bought the 504 Pug - my vegie oil project. I'm using a 240 volt birko kettle in the engine bay as the heating tank, fed from tanks held in the boot. I'll let you know how I go!!

Dear Mr. Instigator,
I'm impressed. You guys are right. Bloody life's hurdles and all that. I like the title of YOUR blog. Why aren't you posting? PLease kep me up to date with your peueot, email me some pics!
Jo, is there anyway you can find some other greasers in your area they may be able to help you with your conversion? A standard diesel mechanic should be able to do it for you. I'm buying a Frybrid kit in the next day or so. It will take a number of weeks to ship. good luck.
Good to hear from you Jo, but such a shame that you've done nothing on
it!!! It would be so simple to do!! I think even a few copper coils
around the engine block would be enough if you were using an oil supply
(rather than a tallow supply). If the oil is liquid enough to flow
through the pipe towards the engine where it could be heated, this would
be sufficient.

I've actually built a few biodiesel processors instead and I have to
say, the stuff is absolutely sensational!! My 23 year old Peugeot blows
no smoke at all, and the engine runs so smoothly that at some speeds
around 120km/h, it is really hard to tell the engine is even running!!!

If you need encouragement to keep going on the project, let me know!!!

Cheers, the Instigator.
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