straight vegetable oil conversion: Fourth: find a friend who can do tricky work

Friday, May 06, 2005


Fourth: find a friend who can do tricky work

Now you get to meet Tom my olde buddy from way back. Lucky for me Tom bought a Hilux recently and he is keen to do vege oil conversion too. Also very lucky Tom is a metal artist who isn't at all confused about things like solenoids and lines and welding and all that stuff that I don't know.

Tom and his Astro -Turfed Hilux outside his workshop. Don't ask me why he pulled that silly pose. Sandwich the dog is resting in the corner.

So I took the tank model around to Tom's workshop

Tom inspects cardboard tank model

So Tom said "cool" and he will probably use a similar tank in his ute. If you look at the top picture of his ute you can see the spot between the mudflap and the white cab under the tray where his tank might fit in.
So Tom is going to make the tanks using his super powers and supplies he has in the workshop.

Dog Rough (Tom) Workshop in Carrington

Then we had a look in Tom's fat catalogue from Blackwoods which you can access online:


  • These guys have solenoids, filters, hi-temp heater hose, polyethelne hose, tee connectors, o-rings, compression nuts, threaded adapters, switches etc.
    So we have most stuff sourced. Probably an auto shop will have anythig else we need.

    Tom is also thinking about departing from the whole hose within a hose ratiator cooling scheme and using a 12V heated coil around the lines.
    That is is homework to investigate.

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