straight vegetable oil conversion: Twelve: pass on the local knowledge

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Twelve: pass on the local knowledge

I recieved an email from Edward Beggs of PlantDrive
here is what he has to say:

PlantDrive has a dealer in Australia, he's listed on our site. Steven
Hobbs. He stocks the Vegtherm and the Vormax.
The Vormax has a cyclonic action if flow rate is high enough, and a
sedimenter type function at lower flow rates. All is explained on our
Also we do try to get back on emails within hours, and phone calls in a
day or two. We had put that message on our site at a very busy time.
Here's Steven's site:

Edward Beggs B.E.S., M.Sc.
PlantDrive(tm) Products div. of Neoteric Biofuels Inc.

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